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Geekshow Crest Logo Tee

Geekshow Crest Logo Tee

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Because naked people rarely have much influence on society, we decided to make a shirt. In attempting to design it, we looked back through history—from the earliest cave drawings through Ancient Mesopotamia, the Dark Ages, the Courts of Renaissance France, and even modern greats like Hubert Givenchy, Vera Wang, and Alexander McQueen—all to add a subtle yet dramatic flair to your wardrobe. Then we decided to just slap our logo on a shirt and go play video games. For once in your life, be the intentional cause of secondhand embarrassment and wear this! Give people one more reason to avoid eye contact!  And no need for pants!!!1

“The purchase of every shirt sold contributes to my goal of selling one more shirt.” – Tony

“Where did you get that? Why on earth did you waste that money? And what did you spill all over it?” –Mom2

1 Please wear pants.

2 This shirt is not compatible with all bodily fluids, and you should never allow your mom to wash it. Please do that yourself. Regularly.

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