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Geekshow Pullover Hoodie

Geekshow Pullover Hoodie

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Finally, a Geekshow Hoodie that will always be there even when you are not looking for it. Much like the last can of black olives in the back of the pantry. Or someone staring at you from across the room. Oh, does that seem creepy to you? Me too. But have no fear! When you feel that eerie stare from this hoodie, just walk across the room, put it on, pull the hood up, and pretend this hoodie isn't sentient. (It is. We think.)

Rock a style that screams “I woke up in this!” Tell people it gives you +2 Cold Resistance, +5 Charisma, and -2 Perception (with hood engaged), and then watch as they change the subject.

Along with multi-functional pockets, this hoodie is sure to address all of your arm, torso, back and side of neck, and top- and side-of-head covering needs.*

*Most include both sleeves -- now with hand holes! No more cutting your own!
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