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Geekshow Snapback

Geekshow Snapback

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Forty-two years ago, we set out to handcraft the finest hats that had ever been made. Many, many years of research, development, and agonizing gestures led us to wait until an online system was developed that would just allow us to slap our logo on a hat and force a random person to model it for us on the internet. We all know you were mocked mercilessly in high school for wearing geeky clothing. Now you can really show them… Wear our geeky clothing and get mocked in the present as well!

“Now with riboflavin! The Layers of Flavor are what make this hat so special” - Kerry

“I look so much cooler in this than in those stupid goggles. She’s gonna love me in this.” – Scott Summers

“Are you tired of being mercilessly mocked by the towns children.” Don’t summon bears, just wear a hat!” – Leigh

Help distract or draw attention to your Vulcan ears! Buy this hat!


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